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About KIVI

KIVI is an international company, developer and vendor of smart TVs

Established nearly a decade ago, we quickly rose to prominence as a standout European brand, pushing the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship in the smart TV industry. With our products proudly presented in over 20 countries, our expansive global footprint spans various markets across Europe and Asia. This wide-reaching presence underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences to households worldwide. As a certified partner of both Google and Netflix, we ensure our users access the very pinnacle of content and technology. Dive into the world of KIVI, where quality meets global recognition.

KIVI Quality

Quality is not just a word for us; it's a promise. At KIVI, every product is a testament to our dedication and confidence, meeting stringent international quality benchmarks. Guided by European experts, every phase of our production process is carefully monitored, utilizing top-notch components sourced fr om reputable manufacturers worldwide.

Fueled by avant-garde American software, our TVs are in a constant state of evolution, unveiling new features that enhance user experiences and harmoniously align with our customers' wishes.

KIVI Media

The current trend in smart TVs is access to completely new opportunities.

We have developed our own unique KIVI MEDIA application, which combines everything you need for family leisure. Now users of KIVI TVs on the Google Android TV operating system have access to high-quality free licensed content immediately after unpacking a new device and connecting to the Internet.

KIVI MEDIA has everything you need for family leisure: Channels, Movies, Training and Games.

KIVI 2023

We proudly clinched the "Choice of the Year" award in Ukraine for the fourth time, accentuating our ongoing journey of innovation and distinction. Our second appearance at the IFA, Berlin was a milestone, where we unveiled the revolutionary "TURN ON KIVI. ROOM BY ROOM" series. Born from an insightful consumer study conducted in 2022, this lineup is a true embodiment of our commitment to understanding and catering to our customers' preferences. This innovative series, including the family-friendly KIVI KidsTV and the specialized KIVI KitchenTV, offers products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of different rooms in contemporary homes.

Reflecting our expanding influence, over 1.5 million KIVI TVs have found a place in homes across more than 20 nations, making notable strides in markets like the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, and Poland. This global embrace stands as a testimony to KIVI's reputation as a reliable leader in the smart TV sector.

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The era of KIVI MEDIA

KIVI received $ 13 million investment from Shenzhen MTC for product development. And in 2021, KIVI released a new line of TVs with a built-in KIVI MEDIA app with free channels, movies, cloud games and workouts. The sound for the new TVs was developed jointly with JVC Kenwood, and the new remotes with the pointer function were developed with the Korean Remote Solution. KIVI entered the markets of Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

  • about 412,000 TVs sold
  • more than 300 employees
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New milestone

In 2020, KIVI reached a new level of partnership. KIVI became a Google Certified Partner. A new line of TVs based on Google Android TV 9 has been released. KIVI also became a Netflix partner. The new line of TVs supported voice control and Google Assistant. KIVI again received the Choice of the Year 2020 award in Ukraine.

  • about 400,000 TVs sold
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Upgrades, awards and new markets

KIVI developed a unique TV design and new ergonomic remote control. The first marketing campaign was successful — KIVI received a professional award in the marketing sphere — Effie Awards — and an award from Ukrainian users — Choice of the Year 2019. New representative office has been opened in Kazakhstan.

  • about 285,000 TVs sold
  • 232 people in the team
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New horizons

Almost two years after foundation, KIVI has been expanding to CIS market. KIVI confirmed its quality and introduced a 3-year warranty for the TV display module. New product line runs on Android 7

  • about 172,000 TVs sold
  • 112 people in the team
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Rapid growth

Already in 2017, KIVI released the next product line on Android 6 OS with a proprietary UI. The same year, the KIVI remote application has been released for convenient control from a smartphone. KIVI launched first-in-category 24/7 service support

  • about 30,000 TVs sold
  • 32 people in the team
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From idea to implementation

The idea to make technologies accessible to everyone appeared precisely in 2016. Already in the middle of the year, the company's management signed an agreement with one of the TOP TV manufacturers in the world — Shenzhen MTС. By the autumn of 2016, KIVI office has been opened in Ukraine, the first TVs under the brand appeared on the stores shelves.

  • about 1,100 TVs sold
  • 9 people in the team
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Our Team and Production

Our powerhouse of a team, with a global perspective and a knack for innovation, crafts every KIVI TV with precision and flair. With high-tech facilities stationed in both Europe and Asia, we embrace international quality standards, ensuring that every product reflects a seamless blend of technology and excellence. Our alliance with MTC, a global frontrunner in contract TV production, fuels our journey towards relentless quality and innovation.


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