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For KIVI Smart TV users
What’s included?
Explore a world of learning with our inspiring TV shows

Award-winning TV shows and documentaries that encourage kids to experiment, explore and create

Teacher-approved curriculum on Science and Technology

Unique shows focused on soft skills: creativity, critical thinking, communication, social emotional learning

Boost your brain with our amazing interactive activities!*

200+ interactive activities developed by academics in childhood education and cognitive development

A curriculum of 21 original games endorsed by Yale University’s Play 2 Prevent Lab to learn Maths

Interactive activities that reinforce curriculum subjects and provide hours of edutainment on maths, science, problem solving, strategy, logic, memory skills and more!

* Only on the mobile app
How to get 12 months free access to the Da Vinci Kids platform?

Go to and activate your unique offer.

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What is Da Vinci Kids? img

Our mission is to unlock children’s full potential by igniting a passion for discovery and imagination through inspiring videos & games.

Which are the main advantages of the Da Vinci Kids free proposal? img

You receive free premium access to the Da Vinci Kids app for 365 days.

A world leader in educational entertainment, dedicated to helping kids to lead their own learning and developing the skills they need in the 21st century.

Designed for family co-viewing - 84% of parents are involved in kids’ screentime

Thousands of hours of educational TV shows available in 22 languages

200+ interactive activities and games [Mobile app only]

Safe and age-appropriate - no advertising or micro-transactions

Full HD, premium quality content

How do I activate my free access for Da Vinci Kids? img

Very easy!

1. Claim your exclusive offer here

2. Create your Da Vinci account

3. Launch the Da Vinci Kids app on your KIVI device and log in with your account details
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This proposal is valid from 01.10.2022 till 31.01.2023.